Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services Pte. Ltd., a book-keeping and IT firm in Singapore, assist in providing accounting services and IT services at a reasonable cost. We provide affordable packages for start-ups and SMEs.

In our fast-paced Singapore, we understand the importance of maximising a company's profit/revenue and optimising office operations such as book-keeping, payroll, taxation and One-Stop Solution For All Business IT Needs. Companies tend to outsource these office operations in order to save time and focus on revenue generating activities.

- One of the most important aspect of a company’s success is in its efficiency to manage its accounting records. Having a proper accounting system is a contributing factor to help a business succeed. Thus, outsourcing the accounting functions is the best approach to support the financial issues in your company.

- Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services specialises in providing accounting services to various industries. Relying on assistance from professionals in the field ensures that such tasks are being carried out by a reliable team leaving you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

- Our professional team will take care of every accounting detail: book-keeping, taxation and compilation of financial statements. The quality services provided by Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services will assist your business with basic book-keeping, keeping a record of all transactions related to income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

- Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services will make sure that your company accounting records are regularly updated, since, timely reporting is the best method to generate more revenue for the business.


Very often, company’s accounts become a mess due to loss of accounting documents, lack of staff with accounting knowledge, etc. This results in late filing penalties and may include court summonsIRAS investigation, loss of financial data resulting in loss of rights to claim from debtors.

We are able to assist in urgent assignments that require faster preparation of accounts. Urgent accounts for court order, late filing, acquisition, litigation, backlog or messy accounts that need to be cleaned up in a very short time.


We offer professional services for you and your company, such as:

– Book-keeping services;
– Accounting services (Management Accounts);
– Taxation – Individual, Corporate and GST;
– Unaudited / Compilation Financial Statements;
– Payroll services, etc.


– IT Office Setup (Enterprise Level Solutions at affordable cost);
– IT Support;
– IT Automation Backup;
– Web-Design / Development / Mobile App Development;
– Cloud Enabled Business Transformation;
– Cloud Consulting Services;
– IT Outsourcing;
– IT Maintenance, etc


AdvertisingFull Accounting Support
Bridal StudioSpa POS Software– Billing/Accounting System
General Trading FirmsFull Accounting Support
Management Consultancy FirmsCustom Software and Full Accounting Support
Domestic Employment Agencies and Photography StudioWebsite, Custom Software along with Billing/Accounting System
Interior Design FirmsLeads Management System
Lighting FirmsFull Accounting Support
Money ChangerAPI Data Retrieval System– Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning and Data-Based Migration
Food and Beverage FirmsFull Accounting Support
Security FirmsWebsite Revamp with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Software Consultancy FirmsFull Accounting Support
Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider- Kenwyn Accounting