Every company incorporated in Singapore is required to file its Corporate Tax Return and ECI. Individuals need to declare their income by filing their Personal Tax with IRAS.

  1. Computation of Personal Taxation.
  2. Computation of Corporate Taxation, as well as related taxation schedules.
  3. Completing annual Form C / C-S & Appendixes in compliance to IRAS.

Why Outsource your Taxation to Us?

Corporate Taxation:

– Majority of the new setup companies and even existing companies overlook their corporate tax due to the their busy schedules.

– Form C and Form C-S are not easy to prepare as they require a lot of document preparations, such as tax computation, capital allowances, enhanced allowances, expenses schedules, etc.

– Lack of knowledge in taxation regularities. Thus, it is advised to engage the tax services of a professional firm.

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