Enabling Remote Workforce using Office 365

The majority of the workers are working from home even though after the companies and shops are closed so Enabling Remote Workforce using office 365 will be a suitable topic to share.

I will be discussing the definitions of my topic, what is office 365? how can we make a remote workforce using 365 happen? Why remote workforce using 365? What kind of features is in office 365?

Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully. This is becoming even more of a reality with recent events like the 2020 COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak where many organizations are moving to remote work faster than they planned to. On that note, office 365 can make that happen because Microsoft Office 365 is a Software as a Service solution that includes Microsoft Office and other services, such as email and collaboration, from Microsoft’s cloud server and provide desktop functionalities. Means, by using cloud-based technologies like Office 365, these employees can easily access office files and work collaboratively with other team members from the comfort of their remote locations.

Office 365 offers many extensive ways to manage people who work from home. But some simple ways are very helpful when getting started. To get things done together with your remote co-workers, at a minimum, you need to share documents, exchange ideas, and supervise tasks. If you create a simple workflow that combines OneDrive for Business, Teams, and Planner, you will definitely get things done. With popup walkthroughs in place, everyone will be able to get the help they need when using the apps without the need for attending traditional training classes. If you implement these steps back to back, you will be able to onboard everyone within a week. With time, you will discover more capabilities to improve your remote team productivity and be able to continually expand Office 365 user adoption.

On the whole, business trends are quickly changing, and remote employment is rising in demand as companies look to expand their workplaces. It is critical for a business to find ways for its mobile workforce to stay connected, motivated, and effective. A comprehensive cloud-based platform that offers full customization and support, Office 365 is arguably the perfect solution in the era of the global workplace to help teams work together.

Moving on, I will be sharing the features of office 365. Office 365 comprises of share point which is a convenient and secure document management system, SharePoint allows remote users to easily access, share, store and collaborate on a variety of documents with their colleagues from a single cloud-based platform. For instead, you have to do a presentation in another company on your services but unfortunately your laptop has encountered some technical error so with SharePoint you can retrieve the documents anywhere and at any point in time with the access of internet connections. As its name suggests, OneDrive is a storage service that lets you organize all kinds of data on a single drive on the cloud. With OneDrive, a company can share information among all its employees and even assign variable access rights. Moreover, instead of having to make multiple copies of a single

document for distribution among different users, employees can simply co-author and collaboratively edit a single document. This helps address the issues of access and connectivity that many remote employees face. Meaning, the documents in SharePoint can sync to OneDrive in our laptops for own use and can give access to specific people.

OneNote greatly simplifies note taking and allows remote employees to stay organized and share their notes with their colleagues for real-time feedback. Even if you write a note offline, OneNote will share it with your team members as soon as you go back online, eliminating the need for you to keep track of what information you’ve already shared. For example, there is a to-do list note or appointments for all the employees and it is accessible by everyone.

The most important feature which benefits most companies will be Microsoft teams. Remote employees often miss out on the active communication that their on-site colleagues enjoy. To fill this void, Microsoft included the Teams application in its Office 365 bundle. This app allows employees to actively communicate with each other through texts, calls, and video conferencing. In short, the Teams app is an excellent solution for any remote employee looking to stay in touch with their office colleagues. For instead, 10 employees are working remotely from all places, and meetings are a must to know the updates so, Microsoft teams will act as the best communication tool to do video or audio meetings.

It is common practice for employees to access emails and documents anywhere, from a range of different devices. This can be great for productivity, but it also weakens security, opening your business up to more risk. Employees can also lose their mobile devices, which may contain sensitive company information. The Mobile Device Manager feature fully addresses this concern, allowing you to remotely wipe data from any of your lost devices. Meaning, if you had misplaced your phone anywhere and your phone contains all kinds of confidential documents so, the mobile device manager can wipe out the data without accessing your phone physically.

Religiously conducting local backups may make you feel like you are being proactive with your security, but it will not protect your mailboxes from unsafe attachments or malicious links. Unfortunately, malware campaigns are now an everyday occurrence, but Advanced Threat Protection protects you and your business in real-time. Plus, if someone attempts to attack you, you can easily investigate which messages have been blocked, and why, plus who in your organization was targeted. This way you can make sure all your weak spots are covered. Office 365 is fully protected and secure to be used by anyone at any point of time and anywhere. We do provide a 1-month free trial to those who are interested.

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