About us

Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services Pte. Ltd., a book-keeping and IT firm in Singapore, assist in providing accounting services and IT services at a reasonable cost. We provide affordable packages for start-ups and SMEs.

In our fast-paced Singapore, we understand the importance of maximising a company's profit/revenue and optimising office operations such as book-keeping, payroll, taxation and One-Stop Solution For All Business IT Needs. Companies tend to outsource these office operations in order to save time and focus on revenue generating activities.

- One of the most important aspect of a company’s success is in its efficiency to manage its accounting records. Having a proper accounting system is a contributing factor to help a business succeed. Thus, outsourcing the accounting functions is the best approach to support the financial issues in your company.

- Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services specialises in providing accounting services to various industries. Relying on assistance from professionals in the field ensures that such tasks are being carried out by a reliable team leaving you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

- Our professional team will take care of every accounting detail: book-keeping, taxation and compilation of financial statements. The quality services provided by Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services will assist your business with basic book-keeping, keeping a record of all transactions related to income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

- Kenwyn Accounting and IT Services will make sure that your company accounting records are regularly updated, since, timely reporting is the best method to generate more revenue for the business.